Years of Service: 
November, 2020 to December, 2023
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Ben Bausback
Ben Bausback is a senior at Greensburg High School in Greensburg, Indiana. Ben joined SADD immediately his freshmen year knowing he wanted to make an impact right away. His passion was ignited from a rising pandemic of distracted driving incidents within his community. Ben is motivated to spread the message of how lethal distracted driving can be. Throughout his three years of SADD service, where he has served as the Director of Operations, Ben has helped lead several projects including Bully Prevention Month, Red Ribbon Week, Teen Driver Awareness, Text Less Live More, What Do You Consider Lethal, and more. In addition to SADD, Ben has served as a Student Council Officer, a representative for Mayors Club working with his mayor to determine ways to better impact our community, a mentor for Champions of Youth, and a member of Youth and Government. Ben also sits as a member on the Decatur County Health and Physical Activity Board. While participating on the SLC, Ben is most excited to get to know his team members and get to work to put SADD’s message all across the nation.